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解决方案搜索 - 零漂移放大器

基准滤波器使 32 位 ADC SNR 增加 6dB

Guy Hoover - 应用工程师 Sep 26th 2017
设计要点 DN568: 引言 获得 ADC 的最佳 SNR 性能并不仅仅是给 ADC 输入提供低噪声信号的问题。提供一个低噪声基准电压是同等重要。虽然基准噪声在零标度没有影响,但是在全标度,基准上的任何噪声在输出代码中都将是可见的。对于某个给定的 ADC,在零标度测量的动态范围 ...

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Precision Ultralow Power High Side Current Sense

Catherine Chang - 应用工程师 Sep 19th 2017
Design Note 1045: Introduction Precision high side measurement of microamp currents requires a small value sense resistor and a low offset voltage, ultralow-power amplifier. The LTC®2063 zero-drift amplifier has a maximum input offset voltage of just 5µV and draws just 1.4µA making it a great choice for building ...

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Signal Conditioning for High Impedance Sensors

Glen Brisebois - 应用工程师 - 信号调理 Sep 22nd 2015
Abstract Dealing with high impedance sources and maintaining high impedance inputs without compromising reliability has its own set of challenges. This article offers qualitative and quantitative discussions of issues associated what high impedence circuits, what types of sensors are high impedance, and what devices are available ...

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