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解决方案搜索 - PowerPath 控制器和理想二极管

High Efficiency Solar MPPT Battery Charger Using LT8611 and AD5245

Perry Faubert - FAE Jul 10th 2017
Introduction Outdoor applications that use solar panels in the range of a few watts often use a microcontroller-based MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking)  function to extract the maximum power available over the full range of environmental operating conditions. Many microcontroller-based MPPT solutions designed for ...

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Negative Voltage Ideal Diodes (Diode-OR Controllers)

Kevin B. Scott - 高级策略市场工程师 May 23rd 2016
An ideal diode (also referred to as a diode-OR controller and more generally as a PowerPath controller) is a robust, expanded functionality replacement for a discrete power diode. It consists of a MOSFET in place of the diode to provide a low voltage drop, low power dissipation switch that connects a power ...

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LTspice: Using Time-Dependent Exponential Sources to Model Transients

Mitchell Lee - 应用工程师
Gabino Alonso - 市场策略工程师
May 15th 2016
When working with Surge Stoppers or Hot Swap Controllers, occasionally there is a need to simulate a circuit's behavior with a specified voltage or current transient. These transients are usually modeled using a double exponential waveform characterized by a peak voltage, a rise time (usually 10%–90%), a fall time to 50% ...

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Primer on PowerPath Controllers, Ideal Diodes & Prioritizers

Pinkesh Sachdev - 产品市场工程师 - 混合信号 Apr 29th 2016
Electronic systems powered by multiple DC sources are commonplace - they include handheld devices (USB port and battery), portable instruments (wall adapter and battery), and high-availability servers (main and redundant/auxiliary supply rails). Selecting the correct input supply to power the system is not a trivial ...

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给 Altera Arria 10 FPGA 和 Arria 10 SoC 供电:经过测试和验证的电源管理解决方案

Afshin Odabaee - 业务经理 - 微型模块电源产品 Feb 19th 2016
DN549: 引言 FPGA 开发套件容许系统开发人员不需要设计一个完整的系统就能评估 FPGA。图 1 和图 2 示出了 Altera 的新型 20nm Arria 10 FPGA 和 Arria 10 SoC (片内系统) 开发板。这些开发板由 Altera 进行了测试和验证,并举例说明了布局、信号完整性和电源管理方面的最佳设计方法 ...

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Using a Current Sharing Controller with Non-Redundant Supplies

Bob Smith - 高级模块设计工程师 Nov 30th 2015
Design Note 1036: Introduction The LTC4370 is a 2-supply current sharing, diode- ORing controller that uses MOSFETs to form ideal diodes. In this way, the LTC4370 can actively balance the output currents of two supplies, even those with unequal output voltages. For two unequal voltage input supplies, the forward voltage ...

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LT4321 / LT4275 LTPoE++ / PoE+ / PoE PD 控制器技术短片

Oct 24th 2013
在以太网领域,以太网供电 (PoE) 技术是一个持续性的发展趋势。目前的 IEEE 标准允许提供高达 25.5W 的 PD 输入功率。LTPoE++ 是凌力尔特开发的解决方案,其具有 38.7W、52.7W、70W 和 90W 功率级别,可满足更高的功率需求。 由 PoE 受电设备 (PD) ...

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Meet Green Standards in 24VAC and 12VAC Lighting Systems: Replace Halogen Bulbs with LEDs Driven by High Power Factor, High Efficiency Converter

Keith Szolusha - 应用工程部负责人 Oct 17th 2013
LEDs are increasingly used in 24VAC and 12VAC lighting systems as a robust, energy efficient and high performance alternative to halogen lamps. Power converters that drive the LEDs should have a high power factor (above 90% in order to meet generally accepted green standards), should be efficient, use a minimal number of components ...

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Active Bridge Rectifiers Reduce Heat Dissipation within PoE Security Cameras

Ryan Huff - 应用工程师 - PoE Oct 1st 2013
Introduction Power over Ethernet (PoE) has been embraced by the video surveillance industry as a solution to an age-old problem: complicated cabling. For instance, a basic, traditional fixed-view security camera requires two cables: one for power (10W to 15W from a 24V AC or 12V DC), and a separate, coax cable for the video ...

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