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解决方案搜索 - LTC3643 - 2A 双向后备电源

60V Input Monolithic Converter Powers Critical Circuits without Supercaps or Other Additional Components

Victor Khasiev - 应用工程师 Nov 15th 2016
Design Note DN1040: Introduction The LTC3649 is a monolithic step-down regulator capable of operating from an input voltage range of 3.1V to 60V, and efficiently producing a (single) resistorprogrammable output voltage at up to 4A of output current. These features alone make it a compelling industrial or automotive supply for ...

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基于电解电容器的数据备份电源解决方案适用于依靠 5V 至 36V 输入进行稳压的 12V 系统

Victor Khasiev - 应用工程师 Jul 5th 2016
设计要点 553: 引言 在嵌入式系统依赖持续供电的电信、工业和汽车应用中,数据丢失是引人关切的。供电的突然中断会导致现在对硬盘驱动器和闪存器进行读写操作时的数据受损。通常,嵌入式系统仅需 10ms 至 50ms 的时间对易失性数据进行备份以防止发生丢失 ...

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