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DC2220A - LTC3643 Demo Board | 2A, Bidirectional 40V Boost Charger/Buck Back-Up Power Regulator, 3V ≤ VIN ≤ 17V (Boost), Vout = 5V @ 2A/3A/4A (Buck)

Demonstration circuit 2220A is a 2A, bidirectional charger/ regulator featuring the LTC®3643, a bidirectional synchronous step-up charger and step-down converter. DC2220A implements backup by charging a storage capacitor up to approximately 40V in boost mode, when the input voltage is present. It discharges the storage capacitor in buck mode, providing a regulated load voltage 5V when the input is removed. Its wide voltage range, both in capacitor charger mode and in system backup mode, makes it well suited to a wide variety of applications. The ability of the LTC3643 to boost an input rail to a relatively high voltage of 40V, combined with the DC2220 option of adding external capacitor banks, makes this regulator an excellent choice for energy storage applications.

DC2220A - Schematic




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如需启动用于该器件的随时可运行 LTspice 演示电路,可按照下列步骤操作:

  • 第一步:如果您的电脑尚未安装 LTspice,则请下载并安装 LTspice IV

  • 第二步:安装 LTspice 之后,单击下面的链接以启动仿真

  • 第三步:如果在单击上面的链接之后LTspice IV未能自动打开,您可以在该链接上单击右键并选择 “另存为 (Save Target As)”。把文档保存到您的电脑之后, 通过从 “文档 (File)” 菜单选择 “打开 (Open)” 来起动 LTspice 并打开演示电路

如需研究其他随时可运行的 LTspice 演示电路,敬请访问我们的演示电路结集


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